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THUNDER ROAD  |  Producer  |  Directed by Jim Cummings

THE ROBBERY  |  Producer  |  Directed by Jim Cummings

THE ARRIVAL  |  Producer  |  Directed by Jocelyn DeBoer & Dawn Luebbe

Best Lounge Short Jury Award - Napa Valley Film Festival

Audience Award - Chicago Critics Film Festival

Official Selections: Napa Valley Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, LA Shorts Festival, Funcinema, Way Down Film Festival, Film Fest Tucson, Athens International Film Festival, Indy Film Festival

BARELY  |  Director/Producer

Best Director Jury Award - L-Dub Film Festival

Official Selections: Aesthetica Film Festival, Treehouse Festival, Loikka Film Festival,

Sans Souci Festival, En Route Film Festival, Sidewalk Dance Films

SACRAMENT  |  Executive Producer/Creator

Most Controversial Film Award, L-Dub Film Festival

Official Selections: Sao Carlos Videodance Festival, International Butoh Festival Thailand

"Visually arresting ... nearly primal in power" - Matthew Diamond, Oscar-nominated director

FOR WATER  |  Director/Producer

Best Short Film nomination, Female Eye Film Festival

Best Experimental Film nomination, Female Eye Film Festival

Certificate of Distinction, American Dance Festival

Bronze Medal, Park City Film Music Festival 


International Video Festival of Burgundy, Jacksonville Dance Film Festival, Third Coast Dance Film Festival,

Park City Film Music Festival, L-DUB Film Festival, Dance Conversations Festival, Festival of the Moving Body

ARENA  |  Director/Producer

Best Experimental Film, California Women’s Film Festival

Best Music Video, Silent River Film Festival

Short Waves Festival, Moondance Film Festival, Oklahoma Dance Film Festival, Sao Carlos Videodance Festival

AFTERIMAGE  |  Director/Editor

Official Selections: California Women’s Film Festival, Jacksonville Dance Film Festival,

Opine Film Festival, Equinox Film Festival, Sao Carlos Videodance Festival

EMMA'S CHANCE  |  Executive Producer  |  Directed by Anna Elizabeth James

Starring Greer Grammer, Missi Pyle, and Joey Lawrence

Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Top 50 Family Movies in iTunes

LOVECRAFT ANIMATED  |  Producer  |  Directed by Einar Baldvin

Narrated by Ed Asner

Currently in production

STILL LIFE  |  Producer  |  Directed by Jim Cummings

Topic Original Miniseries

Vimeo Staff Pick

Official Selection, Hollyshorts Film Festival

THE MINUTES COLLECTION  |  Producer  |  Directed by Jim Cummings

Fullscreen Original Series

Best Web Series - Salute Your Shorts Fest

Official Selections: Atlanta Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival,

Nashville Film Festival, Palm Springs Shortfest, Garden State Film Festival

LIVING ROOMS  |  Producer  |  Directed by Kelly King

Fullscreen Original Series

Starring Alyx Weiss

PRESS START  |  Producer  |  Directed by Evan Beamer

New Form Pilot

Official Selection: Austin Film Festival and Film Fest Tucson

Starring Darrell Britt-Gibson and Allison Miller

GAME CHANGERS  |  Producer  |  Directed by Dominic Russo

New Form Pilot

Starring Jeremy Shada and Eddie Jemison

ALEXANDRA THE GREAT  |  Producer  |  Directed by Joe Pedi

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